• You know what is particularly frustrating for me regarding the events in Ferguson?

    The fact that so many people, specifically white/white-passing people and non-black PoC, are still saying shit like, “I can’t believe this is happening in the U.S!”

    Open your fucking eyes. What the bleeding fuck do you think this country was born from? Try paying attention when the black community speaks and *newsflash* you might learn something.


    If you are white or white passing, stop fucking apologizing “on behalf if your race”. No one wants your apologies. No one cares about your apologies. They are empty and hollow and useless. All they do is divert attention away from the people that need just to focus on your sorry, miserable asses.

    You want to help???


    And if you are physically, financially, and/or mentally able to do so, go put your money where your mouth is (as the saying goes) and fucking do something to help instead of giving out faux apologies.

  • And furthermore, Tumblr’s official iPhone app sucks donkey nuts.

  • But seriously…At this point… if you’re on my dash and you’re not at least reblogging SOMETHING about the events in Ferguson, I’m unfollowing your ass.

    No fucks will be given.

  • I’m getting REALLY fucking sick and tired of people saying naive, gullible bullshit like “I wonder why this isn’t news!1!!!1!!!”

    Yo, try using some fucking common sense and rub two brain cells together to figure out JUST WHY it’s not all over the news before saying such asinine shit???????

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