• Last night was not a good night for me.

    I had nightmare after nightmare, making me afraid to go back to sleep. I don’t know why I had that many dreams last night. In fact, two of them were recurring dreams that I hadn’t experienced in years. One of them in particular was one of the worst I’ve ever had, and it prompted me to do more research on my thanatophobia.

    Here’s what I suffer from (meaning when I talk about my panic attacks, this is what causes it):

    Existential death anxiety is the basic knowledge and awareness that natural life must end. It is said that existential death anxiety directly correlates to language; that is, language has created the basis for this type of death anxiety through communicative and behavioral changes.[8] Existential death anxiety is known to be the most powerful form.[10] There is an awareness of the distinction between self and others, a full sense of personal identity, and the ability to anticipate the future.[11] Humans defend against this type of death anxiety through denial, which is effected through a wide range of mental mechanisms and physical actions many of which also go unrecognized.[11] While limited use of denial tends to be adaptive, its use is usually excessive and proves to be costly emotionally.[12]

    It’s comforting to know that there is actually a name for my particular kind of thanatophobia, and research to back it up. Makes me feel less like a freak. =/

  • I decided to just start all over again from Mass Effect 1, and… yo, what’s a bitch gotta do to get high Paragon status in that shit? Do I just continue doing the main missions for a bit and then go back to do the side missions??

  • P.S. If someone blocks/ignores you, and you still continue to reblog from them, that’s harassment. Just FYI.

  • Mass Effect 3's Ending Disrespects Its Most Invested Players

    This pretty much sums up why I HATED the ending for Mass Effect 3.

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